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Water Treatment & Water Works

Fivalco offers a wide range of products for water, both private and municipal treatment facilities, including water supply, drinking water, water treatment, district cooling and desalination, we provide tailored solutions according to the medium and client’s requirements. Now we have strengthened our application know how, product knowledge and supply chain, our product line can now serve a broader spectrum of markets including energy, mechanical engineering, metalworking, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, tank storage, food and technical manufacturing and many diverse industrial services.

The Water Treatment & Water Works Industries is worthy of respect.

There are many Market Sector in the Water Treatment & Water Works.

  • Water Treatment & Water Works
  • Weflo Indonesia
  • Fivalco water treatment

Water Treatment & Water Works

Specialized in chemical treatment of water & water works and we offer integral solutions.

Weflo Indonesia

The company has built a strong reputation for providing support to project implementers in Jakarta and throughout Weflo Indonesia.

Fivalco water treatment

Fivalco’s water treatment service is the best in Malaysia.